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Secure Premium Rackmount, Wall Cabinet

Secure Premium Rackmount, Wall Cabinet

PriceFrom C$405.41

This series of wall-mount cabinets allows you to keep your equipment off the floor in an organized and safe area. It includes one (1) locking tempered glass lightly tinted front door to secure your installation.

Ships within 24-48 hours / Expédié dans les 24-48 heures
  • A small rackmount like a 6U is a type of equipment rack that is designed to be small in size and typically holds 6 units of equipment. These types of racks are commonly used in small businesses and home offices to organize and store electronic equipment such as servers, network switches, and power protection devices.


    The main advantage of using a small rackmount is that it allows you to keep all of your electronic equipment organized and in one place. This can make it easier to access and maintain your equipment, as well as free up space in your office or work area. Additionally, many small rackmounts have built-in fans or other cooling systems to help keep your equipment cool and running at optimal performance.


    Some small business may have limited space, and a small rackmount can be a great solution to keep the equipment organized and easily accessible without taking too much space. It also can help to protect the equipment from dust and other environmental factors.