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Cordless Phone Base and Stations Antennas

Cordless Phone Base and Stations Antennas

PriceFrom C$146.44

The Yealink W70B, W80B and W90B lines of DECT bases are designed to work with the Yealink DECT cordless handsets, these bases provide the connection between the handsets and the phone system.


The W70B is the basic model with basic features, the W80B is the advanced model with basic mesh features, and the W90B is the corporate model with the most advanced mesh and multilocation features.

  • The W70B base station antenna is a basic model, and it provides the essential features that are needed for a cordless phone system; it is a cost-effective solution for home office setups and small-sized businesses that need to expand their phone system with wireless handsets capabilities.


    The base station is equipped with advanced features such as HD voice quality and Power over Ethernet (PoE) support, which allows it to be powered through the Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for a separate power supply. It can support up to 10 simultaneous calls and 10 SIP accounts.


    The Yealink W70B DECT base station does not have mesh capabilities, unlike the W80B or the W90B, but can work in conjunction with the Yealink RT30 DECT repeater to extend the coverage of the DECT system with some limitations.


    The RT30 is a DECT repeater that is designed to work with the W70B base station to increase the coverage of the DECT system. Please note: the use of an extender can reduce the number of simultaneous calls depending on the setup.