Unifi AC & Nano line of Dual-Radio Access Points

Unifi AC & Nano line of Dual-Radio Access Points


UniFi® is the revolutionary Wi-Fi system that combines
enterprise performance and unlimited scalability. UniFi 802.11AC
Dual‑Radio Access Points (APs) have a refined industrial and modern

Models Variant
  • The Unifi AC line of product is designed for low to high WIFI traffic.

    Modern WIFI appliances (laptop, smartphones) use 2 bands (frequencies), the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.

    The Unifi Access Points (APs) can communicate to multiple clients on the same band, this feature is called MIMO for "multiple input, multiple output". a 3X3 MIMO rating means the antenna can send and receive data simultaneously up to 3 users per bands.

    Quick summary of the AC line of Access Points

    Our Smallest UniFi Access Point Available On the Market. UAP nanoHD is 30% smaller than UAP AC Pro version. Excellent performances for smaller environnements like Retail Locations and Open Offices

    2.4GHz MIMO: 2x2
    5GHz MIMO: 4x4

    Optional skins Sold Separately:

    • MarbleSkin
    • MatteBlack
    • ConcreteSkin
    • WoodSkin
    • FabricSkin
    • CamoSkin

    Ultra-compact design. Small office deployments.
    2.4GHz MIMO: 2x2
    5GHz MIMO: 2x2

    UAP-AC Long Range
    Ideal for longer range, indoor deployments. Small office deployments.
    2.4GHz MIMO: 3x3
    5GHz MIMO: 2x2

    Offers the highest throughput of these three and can also be used outdoors. Medium office deployments.
    2.4GHz MIMO: 3x3
    5GHz MIMO: 3x3

    Please refer to this technical document for more information

  • We do not directly sell UniFi® products online. Product description is for reference only. Please visit the Uniquity's website the most recent and accurate information.



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