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Connexium & Éconocoop: Your Tech Partner for Early Childhood Excellence

As an Éconocoop member, you deserve the very best in tech services. That's why Connexium is proud to partner with Éconocoop, delivering cutting-edge tech solutions tailored for early childhood centers.

Special Offer: 5 Hours of Free IT Support!

Subscribe to Connexium's services and immediately benefit from 5 free hours of IT support. These hours are valid for one full year, providing unparalleled flexibility.

Need More? Thanks to your Éconocoop membership, enjoy exclusive discounted rates on additional hour blocks. And the bonus? They never expire!

Tailored Services for Your Centers

Network & WiFi Management: Ensure seamless connectivity for all your devices.

Security: Security cameras and access systems to ensure children's safety.

Tech Support: Printers, cloud accounts, domain names, email addresses, and more

Ready to Upgrade Your Center?

Contact us now to take advantage of these exclusive offers. Because every dollar matters, choose Connexium to get more for your investment.

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